Well that whole straightforward move process was not straightforward at all and just meant I lost the 116 followers I build up.

Try and do a "Profile move" and it tells me I need an "alias" setup. Try and create "alias" to the new account and that just results in error (yes I tried lots of times).

So in the end I try a Profile redirect. That works… now I have no followers. FFS

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I also exported the list of people *I* was following and it was 170 people. On importing this to my new account, how many people am I following? Well it ain't 170 I can tell you that. Seriously… this was shit? I will not be suggesting anyone else move. Apparently new users just have to pick their instance correctly the first time… urrgh!

Ok the inability to setup aliases is this bug

Without an alias setup, you cannot do a move. Thus in the stable version right now, you cannot do a move unless you already had an alias setup from a previous version.

Not entirely clear if I can fix this up after a fix appears in the stable version or if I really am back to square one.

I am sort of slowly accepting the fact that I will take a month or more to build back up to the follower count I picked in 4 days. 😜

I am now following 161 people of the 170. The remaining 9 people are those that need to agree to my new account following me.

@ruari good luck!

Moving in any scenario is never fun. Nor is it easy.

@jrsofty Figured it was worth a shot. Glad to see it helped a bit 😉

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