There was recently an article about me and my cycling in a local newspaper. The link is paywalled but perhaps a couple of the Norwegian who follow me can access if they happen to subscribe. I did extract out a couple of the images from the post. Shh… do not tell anyone! 😆


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@mastobikes Since the main article is written in Norwegian and "paywalled" (thus most here will not be able to read it) I have a short alternative.

I touched on a couple of the same topics (in a more limited fashion) on this old (2018) blog post on my employer's ( ) website.

Some thing have changed since then. Most noticeably I bought more cycles, including the Penny Farthing featured above. 😉 (and the Halfbike… and footbike, plus more unicycles… 🤷🏼).

@ruari @mastobikes

You STOLE? THEY stole.

Surely you own your own image!

@ruari @01micko Photographer owns the rights to images they take.Generally I've found local paper photographers are happy to send you a copy though. Hence I got my profile pic c/o Afternbladet

@ruari @mastobikes

Ha! I particularly remember the T-shirt with the old #vivaldi logo.

@stux Since you likely cannot read the Norwegian (paywalled) article, I linked the teaser video a couple of posts down in the thread if you are curious.

@ruari Oohh I am! Let me check that! :blobcathearts:

Are you familiar with NotJustBikes on YT perhaps? 🚲


@evelyn You can see me mount it at the start of their little promo video, from that thread. This Toot

Oh, so that's how it's done. 🤓

How many bi/unicycles do you have? Your parking space looked full. 😮

@evelyn Personally, I am not sure 😆. When I was interviewed I said 18 but that is actually the total number for my family (wife and two kids) and includes some cycles that other people might not consider cycles

Also they are not all stored there. Some are in other places.

@ruari Penny Farthings are really dangerous, if you power break and go over head.

@wiligl Are you "penny-splaining" to me? 😆 I have been cycling this for a few years now. Did you think I was unsure how it worked?

P.S. If you need to come to a complete stop, you can also drop yourself onto the back step and lower one foot onto the back wheel and press. With your weight shifted down and back and by breaking on the wheel behind, you will not go over the handlebars.

@wiligl Here is a picture of one of my unicycles. Any comments on its brake? 😉


"Die Frau sitzt am Steuer, und der Mann sagt „Du, die Ampel ist grün!“ Die Frau antwortet: „Fährst du oder fahre ich?“[6] Die Äußerung kann in dieser Situation auf den vier Ebenen folgendermaßen verstanden werden: als Hinweis auf die Ampel, die gerade auf Grün geschaltet hat (Sachebene); als Aufforderung, loszufahren (Appell-Ebene), als Absicht des Beifahrers, der Frau am Steuer zu helfen, oder auch als Demonstration der Überlegenheit des Beifahrers über die Frau (Beziehungsebene); als Hinweis darauf, dass der Beifahrer es eilig hat und ungeduldig ist (Selbstoffenbarung)."

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