There was recently an article about me and my cycling in a local newspaper. The link is paywalled but perhaps a couple of the Norwegian who follow me can access if they happen to subscribe. I did extract out a couple of the images from the post. Shh… do not tell anyone! 😆



@mastobikes Since the main article is written in Norwegian and "paywalled" (thus most here will not be able to read it) I have a short alternative.

I touched on a couple of the same topics (in a more limited fashion) on this old (2018) blog post on my employer's ( ) website.

Some thing have changed since then. Most noticeably I bought more cycles, including the Penny Farthing featured above. 😉 (and the Halfbike… and footbike, plus more unicycles… 🤷🏼).

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@ruari @mastobikes

Ha! I particularly remember the T-shirt with the old #vivaldi logo.

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