Heads up. If your profile picture is an image that looks like it might be from an NFT collection (e.g. "bored ape"), you have "laser eyes", a user name ending in .eth (or similar), or indeed anything else about your profile screams cryptocurrency fanboi, I will not be following you no matter what other interests we might share. And to be honest you probably do not want to follow me.

I don't just dislike crytocurrencies, I f*cking hate them for all manor of reasons.

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@ruari Damn. I was hoping you'd invest in my new Unicycle NFT.

@OneWheelGeek I did block one unicyclist on Twitter who switched her nick to include .eth and had a feed that often talked about crypto. I must admit I was sad about it. It does not feel good to block a fellow unicyclist.

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