A nice little video with an important reminder about tracking and privacy on the internet, in relation to "Big Tech".

Plus it has cats in it! 😺

For more information 👉

(Disclaimer: This video is by Consumers’ Association of Iceland but done in collaboration with my employer [Vivaldi Technologies])

A link to the page about this campaign on Consumers’ Association of Iceland website (in Icelandic)

You can also find them on the bird site

@ruari the internet is made for cats. :D

The video is really good. Funny, memorable, important. I really do appreciate the cats got named in the credits too.

@tomasino I know… that was a nice touch eh? I loved that too!

P.S. This video is really by the Consumers’ Association of Iceland. They did the work but our founder and CEO (Jon von Tetzchner) gave some advice/feedback and we offered to support and promote it. Thus they give us some credit as well. So when posting it I felt I needed to mention this, in case people felt it was purely advertising for Vivaldi and the important message gets lost. 😉

@ruari @tomasino i wish i could use vivaldi, but it runs slower than firefox on my hardware. did vivaldi improve the last time i tried? (~9 months ago)

@koyuchan @tomasino Since I don't know your hardware, hard to tell. We have put efforts in to optimise and improve things of late but only you can tell me for sure.

However, whether you try again now or not. Thank you for even trying in the first place. And if you stick with Firefox, we can still be friends. They seem to be good people! 😉

@ruari @tomasino tested it on a ThinkPad X220, T430 and a custom rig with a GTX 970, AMD FX 3800 and 16GB of RAM...all SATA SSDs

@ruari Gathering data has always been a large vector and section of marketing. It's always been done and demographic targeting is usually done for more revenue building operations. Popular culture uses it for adverts and other more invasive operations. Having Twitter implement social credit is truthfully an eye opening example with a new "privacy agreement" which many feel compelled into and trapped to use it.

@ruari I really wish the spying was only done by cats... this is the least worse scenario haha 😅

(for a more accurate depiction of reality replace every cat with a creepy CEO 😉)

@Em0nM4stodon yeah I am also sort of ok with cats manipulating me, since I have already accepted this with my own cat! 😉

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