Pepsi Max, Coca cola!? Who is naming these sections and why these?

From my unicycle route last evening:

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There is also a section near me called something like "U2 ARE SHIT" 😆

I think from now on, rather than the sensible names I have given to unlabelled sections in the past, I will make some reference to unicycling. Just… because… 😉

Hmm... I didn't know you could name your own segments. 🤔

Anywayz, how is it that everybody's (yours included) #Strava tracks look nice and clean and mine is a squiggly mess? 🤷‍♀️ You think maybe it's the phone I used for Strava? I used an old el cheapo phone.

@evelyn I seriously doubt your phone is cheaper than mine. 😉

I do not carry a smartphone (haven't done for over 5 years). So I am using a basic Nokia feature phone to record these, specifically this one:

@evelyn Regarding the segments. If you create one, you get to name it.

There is little point creating one that covers the same section as someone else's and you cannot rename theirs. However if part of your route covers areas with no segments you can create some.

@evelyn Use this button at the bottom of your activity, then adjust the start and end points and name "appropriately". 😉

P.S. You can also create private segments, just for you to record your personal times

@evelyn One thing that might make yours more wiggle is related to how your phone is working out position. Phones can do this in 3 ways

• Built in GPS functionality
• Triangulation based on cellular masts in the area
• Triangulation based on wifi hotspots in the area.

The first is generally pretty accurate . If there are not many masts in the area it might be hard to use that. For wifi triangulation you will often get weirdness. You might want to try disabling in settings.

@evelyn Looking at your most recent upload it is indeed particularly messy. I would see if you have specific settings to disable the use of WIFI as part of the location service. Failing that perhaps just try switching off wifi before you start recording your next route.

Hmm... Interesting. 🤔 I'll try turning off WiFi and Bluetooth in location services then. Thanks! 😃

@OneWheelGeek Not really, I will just go for

unicycle section 1
unicycle section 2
unicycle section 3


@ruari the in jokes on strava sections are so irritating

@peterdroberts For The most part I don't care but yeah it can be too much.

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