Today is a good day because my (unicycle) wheelsets arrived.

A 24 and a 29. Both built with hubs that can mount a disc brake. These are upgrades for my 24 and 26 unicycle respectively as I have decided to put brakes on all my unis.

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Selfie, with eye contact 

I also bought a t-shirt. Can I pull off this much pink?


I've never seen a smaller wheel with a brake before. Neat! What's it like in use?

@RussSharek I don't know, as I have never used a brake on anything smaller than a 36er before but I use the 24 for some really steep descents (e.g. cycling down a ski slope that is near me) and I have started to feel the toll on my knees holding back the wheel, especially as I tend to favour short cranks. So I decided to just add brakes to all my regular unis. My frames already have brakes tabs.

P.S. My daughter owns a URC “Muni XS” frame will take a 20”x4” and has a brake tab.


Off-roading! That makes so much more sense. All my riding has been strictly on streets.

@ruari Hooray - new stuff. Killed my bearings again, so I got 4 of them to have some extras at home. I'm getting fasterin replacing them.

@MontyZuma Happy cycle component day to use as well then! 🎉🥳

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