I have realised that one of my colleagues is secretly filming me at work and putting up videos on the bird site. Should I be worried? 🤔

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@ruari That looks like a real stalker video 😅
And nice office btw!

@matias Actually she is lovely but, you know… sometimes I worry… just a little. 😆🤪

@sigsegv @matias I just watched the video again myself. My new wheels (see earlier Toot), are still just hanging around in the office. This at least reminded me that I have to move them. 😆

@sigsegv @matias The things you learn from watching stalker videos of yourself, eh? 😉

Haha, I didn't realise stalker videos could have some practical use! And yes I noticed them too, but didn't recognise them from your earlier toot. I just assumed Vivaldi has (uni) cycle wheels hanging everywhere in their office 😅

@matias @sigsegv @ruari I did not encourage her any further but I must say she‘s at it. 😎 I like the videos. 🥳 Do they make you re-consider leaving the bird site?

@lachralle @matias @sigsegv No I do not miss the bird site. I miss certain people there but it is also really negative and also more of a distraction.

@lachralle @matias @sigsegv I actually use Vivaldi's feed client to follow a handleful of people still, including Ari (I have to keep an eye on her because she is liable to post about me).

@ruari @lachralle @matias Can you actually get feeds from people without being logged in with some account? 😮

@sigsegv @lachralle @matias Yes, just use any public "nitter" instance to look at their profile and then subscribe to the RSS feed that nitter creates for you. 👍

@ruari @sigsegv @lachralle That worked great! Thank you :)
Nice to have Vivaldi Support available on Mastodon ;)

@matias @sigsegv @lachralle Which reminds me, I need to make an official Mastodon account here. Marketing and sysadmin have basically said I can do it for the time being and perhaps hand over to someone else in the future.

@ruari @sigsegv @lachralle Oh that's great news! Looking forward to finally have Vivaldi here 😁

@matias Ok @vivaldibrowser now exists. Go easy on the questions though because for the time being at least (as the fediverse fan in the company), this is just me. Shhh… 🤫

P.S. It is not like I didn't ask anyone though. I needed to involve our sysadmin to get that link verification working.

@sigsegv @lachralle

@matias Thank you, from this totally different person who is 100% not just @ruari.

P.S. If you like the browser, wait until you hear about unicycles! 🤪

@sigsegv @lachralle

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@matias @sigsegv @lachralle

F.Y.I. It is not just Twitter/Nitter. Similar services exist for almost all popular social media services. You can potentially use RSS to follow anything and everything while hiding your activities from "Big Tech".

Here is Tiktok via RSS using a public ProxiTok instance

@matias @sigsegv @lachralle Don't mind this guy by the way. He is just some geek that is forced to be a dancing monkey by the marketing team

@ruari @matias This poor geek should claim a compensation for moral prejudice 😆 @sigsegv @lachralle

@matias @sigsegv @lachralle

I even use our Feed reader to follow accounts on Mastdon. For that you do not even need a special proxy. Mastodon supports this built in by adding .rss onto the end of a Mastodon user URL, e.g.

@matias @sigsegv @lachralle

You can also do Youtube like this directly and even play the videos directly in the feeds client.

Yes, that seems really useful 😁
Having an RSS reader inside of a Web browser is something I didn't realise I wanted, until I saw this.
@sigsegv @lachralle

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