Tip: Hour glasses are great if you have small kids.

When my own kids where younger I would flip one exactly one hour before their bed time, and then explain that when it finished it would be time to go to sleep. This is very useful in Norway, where in the summer it stays bright for a long time.

A ten minute one is also useful when preparing for how long until "we leave for X".

My youngest used to talk about time in terms of how many "big hour glasses", rather than just hours. 🤪

My friend and colelague over at the bird site @arimoralesu@twitter.com happened to catch me as I cycled in today (millennials film everything)


I have realised that one of my colleagues is secretly filming me at work and putting up videos on the bird site. Should I be worried? 🤔


UK/Japan Kings and Emperors 

Emperor… Chrysanthemum throne…

This all sounds very Games of Thrones


I pulled this creepy little fucker off my beautiful cat today.

Damn I hate ticks!

@lachralle As it happens I still follow her, using the RSS feed generated by a nitter instance

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Picture from last time.

Obviously there is less snow this time but I didn't take a new picture.

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Selfie, with eye contact 

I also bought a t-shirt. Can I pull off this much pink?

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I also wish more of these watches used an extra LED on the first line so that the hours could be represented as 24. Like the clock at St. Gallen railway station in Switzerland.

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Sometimes I wonder if my watch is just a little too geeky, even for me. 😉

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