@kev I like that you prefered these over the apple watch in part because they are cheap and then decided to buy all of them, thus negating the "they are cheap".

@kev Obviously. Why do you think I am telling you this. By getting you to repeat the mistakes† of my past, I can feel less bad about the them. 🤪

† They are not actually mistakes. I love all my Casios!

@kev I fully and wholeheartedly approve of this behaviour.

Remember, if anyone asks, you did not have a choice. you HAD to do this! 👍😜

@kev While writting this I put my F-84W back on. I suddenly realised how much I missed it. 😉

@kev The problem with cheap Casio watches is that it is tempting to buy ever more 'slight' variants on the same theme and before you know it you have a little collection.

I speak from experience! 🤪

@kev Yeah and it was likely cheap since it had no backlight, alarm, stopwatch, etc. It was just time and date, unlike the "fancy" F-84W and F-91W. 😆

The F-84W will certainly give you some of the same "feelz" though.

@kev If you want that look you recall and intend to buy something new, the F-84W is therefore still probably your best bet.

Even as an import is still costs almost nothing! 😉

@kev Unless they bought it from Japan, probably not.

It could have been a Casio F-28W though. That one looks shockingly close to the F-84W but is no longer made.



"…It has the older thinner model text, the "Lithium" word to promote the fact it has a lithium battery, and the alarm graphic right below that to promote the fact it has an alarm function.

"Also, this is a very reserved design. The F-91W and W59 are slightly "loud" in appearance. Not the F-84W. It's very simple and pleasant to view…"

From: menga.net/casio-f84w

@kev It is also a slightly older model (hence the lower model number). F-84W is from 1986, while the F-91W first appeared in 1989.

@kev The internals are identical. It is just a slightly different design of the face and a watch strap that is a narrower. They were only ever officially released for the Japanese market and AFAIK are still more popular there than the F-91W.

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