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UK/Japan Kings and Emperors 

Emperor… Chrysanthemum throne…

This all sounds very Games of Thrones

A fun thing about Git is that if you accidentally get sensitive information like passwords into your repo, the only way to get it out again is to fight God with your bare fists


Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) is another thing I could do without actually.

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Pretty sure this Ixodes ricinus, or what Norwegians would call Skogflått (forest ticks).

Our cat sleeps in our bed often. I am not sure I am so keen on the idea right now. I could do without Lyme disease (borreliose) if I am honest.

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I used tweezers of course and this is after the tick is long dead. I submerged him in barbecue lighter fluid until he felt less umm… alive.

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I pulled this creepy little fucker off my beautiful cat today.

Damn I hate ticks!

@lachralle As it happens I still follow her, using the RSS feed generated by a nitter instance

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Queen Elizabeth survived World War II. She survived rationing and austerity. She survived the end of Empire. She survived Suez and Malaya. She survived the Troubles and the Winter of Discontent and the miners’ strike. She survived mass unemployment, privatization and Brexit.

Three days with Liz Truss though and she was like “check please”

The passport renewal process for Ireland is so much better than Norway. For Ireland I can do everything online from home and submit a photo taken with a smartphone (or any decent digital camera). It is 2022. This is how it should be!

Picture from last time.

Obviously there is less snow this time but I didn't take a new picture.

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Finally picked up the cargo bike after it being out of action for a few weeks (unexplained noises meant that I felt it should be serviced). We had some issues finding a time to get it looked at because of work (abroad), holidays and the bike shop we used being booked up, so we only got it in for servicing the other day.

Once again, the unicycle was the perfect way to pick it up. Cycle the unicycle to the bike shop, put the unicycle inside the cargo bike, cycle back. 👍

@nytpu Also, I just noticed. Are these all broken on your flight log?

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@nytpu I reference you on my Gemini journal today, admitting I steal all your ideas! 😆

gemini://ruario.flounder.onlin §2022-09-06 @21:42 +0200

UK Pol 

Ok, yeah it was not Daily Mail but Daily Express. Same bullshit though… 🤷

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