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Hello, I'm a 🇬🇧, living in 🇳🇴. I write here almost exclusively in English but may occasionally reply to others in Norwegian.

I like minimalist cycles. I commute primarily by unicycle, penny farthing, (non-motorised) scooter (a.k.a. footbike) and "Halfbike™".

I also like minimalist tech: non-smartphones, old school digital watches, Slackware, Gemini/Gopher.

Professionally, I work for the as QA lead and release manager for the desktop (Win/Mac/Lin) version.

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There was recently an article about me and my cycling in a local newspaper. The link is paywalled but perhaps a couple of the Norwegian who follow me can access if they happen to subscribe. I did extract out a couple of the images from the post. Shh… do not tell anyone! 😆


@ruari Real scales are also great for children - to get a grip on the weight of things before reading age. And it's fun for them to help scaling ingredients while baking etc.

Oh and another way they work well for young kids (who cannot read a clock) is for activities that you want to limit, e.g. screen or tv time.

It is just a very easy for thing for them to understand without needing to understand numbers and countdowns. They can quickly see at a glance how long them have left.

P.S. Keep any eye though. Smart kids quickly realise the possiblity of flipping them again when you are not looking 😆

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You can obviously get them other intervals e.g. 30, 15, 10, 5, 3, 1 minutes.

Also handy for adults who want to time things (e.g. cooking) without the annoying ring. Just remember to look at them (and flip them) from time to time. Well… unless you like burnt stuff!

P.S. Remember to check that they are close to the rated duration (if not, your should probably return it). A little variation is too be expected (none are super precise) but if you have a 10 min one that lasts 7.5 mins… return it!

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Tip: Hour glasses are great if you have small kids.

When my own kids where younger I would flip one exactly one hour before their bed time, and then explain that when it finished it would be time to go to sleep. This is very useful in Norway, where in the summer it stays bright for a long time.

A ten minute one is also useful when preparing for how long until "we leave for X".

My youngest used to talk about time in terms of how many "big hour glasses", rather than just hours. 🤪

There has been a lot of talk of late on Manifest V3, webRequest, and ad blockers, and how it will affect Chromium-based web browsers like ours.

Here are some comments from Julien Picalausa, who wrote our built-in ad blocker.

#VivaldiBrowser #AdBlock #ManifestV3

Halvparten av denne videoen om en app for å melde fra om feilparkerte elscootere har feilparkerte biler i bakgrunnen… #xp

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @Del_4Ri - Posts about space, processes images taken on surface of Mars

🌟 @penpot - Free open source collaborative UI design and prototyping software, FOSS alternative to Adobe Figma

🌟 @kdenlive - Libre video editing software made by @kde, FOSS alternative to Adobe Premiere

🌟 @vivaldibrowser - Chromium-based web browser made by independent company, lots of extras

🌟 @Margote - Lovely cute crochet amigurumi plushes

So… any Vivaldi fans out there? We are new here. Drop by and say hello! 👋

TIL: mktemp isn’t POSIX. I shall now sneak off and go and update a bunch of scripts! 😉


So I have had these wheel in my office for over a month now.

I really should take them home. If I unicycle home with them (carrying them in my arms) does that turn my form of transport into a tricycle? 🤔

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