Oslo Enhjulssykkelrunde (Unicycle Tour of Oslo) 2022

21 unicyclists. The full route was around 30km

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Here are a bunch of us cycling down a steep grass hill, to amuse ourselves.

Yes, that idiot would be me. 🤪

Translation of the Facebook post discussing the event…

Hrafn Mar Sveinsson: [From] a little show of hands among the 21 attendees: 1/3 cycled without a brake, 1/3 cycled a 36" (inch [very large] wheel), 1/3 on 29", 2 on 24" and one without helmet.

Jan-Erik Skogmo: 1 cycled a 36" without helmet, without brake, and without any kind of safety or training equipment. 😄

I came across this from the bird site. For those not familiar, Erlend is a fairly famous author in Norway and a a keen unicyclist (and a friend). He was with us on our little trip and was up front and leading the way when we cycling around his neighbourhood.

So to answer the question (below). Yes… yes you did see that! 😆

Translated from Twitter (12:14PM · Jun 11, 2022):

[søt, liten sak] @gingerpuz96,

"Erlend Loe and a 20-30 other men on unicycles just cycled past me?"

Actually here is Erlend, giving us a little history lesson on the history of parts of the Norwegian language in a graveyard, during one of our stops on the route.

He has actually written a really nice little biographical book on learning to unicycle and his thoughts on it and cycling more generally.

Only in Norwegian at the moment but I hope one day he gets it translated as it is really interesting even if you have no intention of learning to unicycle. I think many cyclists could relate.

Plus as a MASSIVE bonus there is a picture of me in there. 👍🏻🤪

There is a nice little video of him reading a snippet from the book, with some visuals of him riding on Youtube, to get some idea.

💡[If you enable the automatic translation of subtitles feature in Yourtube, you should be able to follow, even if you do not speak Norwegian.]

@ruari You guys (and girls) must have the strongest cores and abs... 🤔​

@encarsia The youngest was 9 years old and the oldest well into their 60s. I'll let them know! 😆

@MontyZuma Is that an actual "run" while you play? You must be in good form! 💪

@ruari Ah. For interaction with the game, I have a short break. So I had 3h of unicycling and ½h of gaming :)

@MontyZuma Oh you did it whilst unicycling. I thought it was an actual "run". Ok that makes sense. I used to play Pokémon GO, while unicycling. Here is an old post from "the bird site"

Can anyone walk up on the roof of the opera, or was it opened for this event?

@JohanEmpa Strictly speaking you are not allowed cycle up and down there… but umm… I might have done it "once or twice" in my life 🤫

@JohanEmpa I have even taken the penny farthing up there on a couple of occasions. Though, both times I walked it up (and down).

@ruari That is nice and the Goggle translation is understandable :)

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